I don’t know what I would do without map() function and comprehensions.

I like to use Python because of its simplicity. I am always fascinated by solving complex problems with a single line. Of course, most of the one-liners in Python are written with map() and comprehensions. They are beneficial to solve your problems with a single line.

You can also make…

If you are interested in Data Science, you should look at these projects!

Here is the list of Data Science Repositories on GitHub:

1. Awesome Data Science

An open source Data Science repository to learn and apply towards solving real world problems.

This is a shortcut path to start studying Data Science. Just follow…

Here is a list of Python one-liners (and beyond) that will help you learn quick solutions for complex problems.

My first article about Python one-liners become popular.

And I want to write the second one.

Python is one of the most powerful and simple programming languages ever. I like using…

Görkem Arslan

Machine Learning | Python | Django

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